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Our Story


    Great Products started as a screen printing business 25 years ago. At the time, we were educating our son Josh at home, and wanted a t-shirt that promoted homeschooling. We found a book which provided the names of famous homeschoolers. We made a collage of their faces, listed their names, and put the title "I AM Homeschooled And So Were..." at the top. Needless to say, it was and is, a very popular design, and has encouraged many to start homeschooling. The original homeschool t-shirt company was born!

     We have been a second generation homeschool family for a while now, and have been devoting ourselves to promoting  homeschooling, and producing quality, screen printed homeschool
t-shirts and related promotional products. We are constantly coming up with new original ideas to encourage homeschool families with the help of our designers and even a few customers. Others may try to copy our ideas, but they can never compete with our prices, our quality, and our devotion and love of homeschooling.

     The purpose of this business is not only to support and educate our family and children, but also to inspire other families to explore the possibilties of educating their children at home. To discover the myriad of joys and benefits that homeschooling can bring to their own family.